About Us

Sadiq co is top producer, exporter, importer and distributor of cosmetics, hygiene, pharmaceutical products and food industry in iran.

Sadiq co have built their business on the trust and honest relationships with their shareholders, customers, distributors and acquired diverse sales channels. sadiq co are committed to making sure that entire company is managed according to trust principles.

Great products are created to meet the various needs of consumers. Different manufactures, offices and departments of sadiq co are working to ensure that it plays a part in helping fulfill their purpose that is enhancing quality of life and inspire people to live healthier. In fact, sadiq’s products are engineered for safety and comfort. This is how sadiq co contribute to society and ensure the long-term success.

It is worth mentioning that the major exports of company is related to neighbor countries and CIS, therefor the professional research and development department of sadiq co. Analyze and design products based on market needs of target countries.

The culture of research and development and creativity at this company cause all the personnel always innovate and work towards the next “great product” that’s going to improve life for the next generation.



Sadiq Company was founded in 1989 to distribute hygienic and cosmetic products. Since then after 15 years of successful efforts, significant growth in distribution and necessity for scientific infrastructure for organizational management, in 2004 Sadiq Trading was registered as “Sadiq Tiroj Health”, based on the traditional credit, it had gained over the years, stepped into the field of latest scientific advancements in logistics and distribution.

As well, identifying customer needs and knowing all supply chain products created an opportunity for the company customers and suppliers. This opportunity was based on two factors: first, identifying what consumers needed that was not available in the market, or they had difficulty for supplying it, and secondly, the manufacturers that had the capacity of production but did not produce the needed goods due to lack of market knowledge.

Therefore, a transition of market feedbacks and demands to producers leads to customer satisfaction, factory productivity, and supplier income. following this purpose, Sadiq company entered to the field of production. The competitive advantages of Sadiq company were its great market research, scientific research and development, strong distribution networks and the trust that customers, manufacturers and stakeholders had in the company over the years. Based on the above informations it can be said that the core of the company is innovation and honesty.


At the beginning of production fase, “Mina baby” baby care products, “Sim Sim” breath fresheners, and “Cancel” Anti insect products were the first brands of Sadiq Company which were launched. after many years of Scientific research in 1991 “Elder” was launched. Elder’s products included functional chewing gums and mouth freshener candies.The probiotic, vitaminized and specialized formulation for various needs, that some of them were introduced in Iran and the world for the first time, for example, Anti-acid chewing gums with liquorice extract or powerful antidepressant chewing gum with Saffron are popular varieties.


In 2013,” Liu” floss-toothpick came to the market, it was manufactured for the first time in Iran, far better quality than most similar foreign products. The brand also offered another product; cotton swab with 100% natural cotton.


In 2014 “Maya” products were introduced for creating better solutions for mothers and babies that was a turning point in the history of Sadiq company and Iranian baby products. From BPA free milk bottle to baby 100% silicone teethers, from feeding pacifiers to silicone finger toothbrushes, based on latest international standards are designed for families who look for high-quality products with appropriate prices while taking care of their health and growth of their children.

Product development in Maya has been based on innovation and using the latest modern technology. The first heat-sensing thermal spoon in Iran and the pacifier- teether, for the first time in the world were designed, patented and manufactured by Maya ,The brand has grown more than 50 baby and mother care products that were dedicated to consumers. In that year the need for a well-equipped factory to produce pharmaceutical production led to the construction of Mofiddaru Co.


In 2016, Maya distribution Co. was founded and started to work officially.


In 2006, Euromay, the European branch of Sadiq Co. established to facilitate the import, export and Technology Transfer. In that year, regarding the increasing demand for famous perfumes, and the advantages of company connection to major perfume sources in France, “Avior” body perfumes and body deodorants were launched. The use of the original essence of the world’s famous fragrances have been advantages of brand


In 2018 evaluating the need for eye care products and estimating the demand for contact lens cleaning and storage solutions with international standards, for the first time in Iran, Eylet lens solutions. Also in that year, “Helper”, adult care products, were launched. It is worth noting that developing products

and brands based on customers’ needs and preferences in Sadiq Co. is a sustainable process.



Achieving the objectives through honesty, transparency and honoring the commitments to both customers, stakeholders and partners


To be experts in related fields and educator for the customers


That makes a difference, Increasing investment in idea


To provide high quality products and services by understanding customers values and satisfaction


Maintaining respectful relations with customers, partners, suppliers, employees and communities


To be the most trusted company in the Middle East that would set an international example of high quality with its healthy products, while attaining the highest possible return on investment for the stakeholders.


Being popular for trust, reliability, responsiveness, innovative products and services to meet customer’s needs for personal care and healthy life style.