Maya was founded since 1990 on the ambition to give babies and mothers comfort and make their everyday living easier. Maya Co. is proud of having several valid standards such as IFDA and ISO9001 and also having BPA free products, which is not recommended to use products made of that due to its possible health effects especially on kids.

Since our products are BPA free, so we give you the assurance to use Maya with peace of mind.
Every baby is different and their bodies have different needs as they grow older. Today, our brand offers hundreds of products considering every baby as a unique individual. From beautiful functional feeding bottles to quality-crafted pacifiers. So take a gift of peace from us; Because Maya cares about your loved ones.

MAYA Products

Maya Breast Pump is an easy-to-use compact breast pump that automatically draws milk using suction.

It is also used as a perfect pain reliever and made from extra soft silicone which ensures soft and delicate contact

While cutting teeth is a major milestone that every baby goes through, the first few teeth tend to be the most painful and teething toys are a great and safe alternative to eliminate itching and relieve baby’s gum pain during tooth growth.

Maya water teether is designed in various colors and models with materials made entirely of food grade and filled of water. Not all teethers are designed to easily reach those back molars that can be especially painful. Maya water teether is perfect for multiple stages of teething.

Maya feeding bottles have been created in various models based on latest technology in the world.

while every baby and family is different, variety in size and color of this product offers you a wide choice based on the age and interest of your baby to choose from.

The wide neck of these bottles are designed in a way that simplify the action of filling and washing them.

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