Sadiq Co. Job Employment application

If you are Interested in joining Sadiq Co. Know its culture first and identify which values are important in the company. Trust is the cornerstone of any culture that thrives, also being honest and humble is considerable factor in Sadiq Co. Employees in the company take responsibility and respect to each other. There is a very important element in organization and it is caring about each other. They are all in it together. Caring about each other, creates trust and teamwork.  Sadiq co are not looking for people who just want to get the job done. The company wants people who will work together to create success for coworkers and health for society.

The managers of company as leaders let their employees know that they need their help to build the best organizations possible, they give employees a voice in their own job design. They also implant employee engagement so all their staff can learn from each other and develop their knowledge and skillset.

Working on projects that have a real impact on the entire company is very important for the whole organization. In Sadiq Co. there are a lot of opportunities for growth in positions as well as eventually transitioning to new departments. This allows new ideas to percolate through the organization, invigorating an older brand so it can be as adaptive as a startup.

Bellow you will find the result of the latest employee feedback survey.

Employee feedback

  • 90% of our employees believe in the goals of Sadiq Co.
  • 90% support the values which company respects them
  • 93% of employees trust products that company provides
  • 87% of employees agree that Sadiq Co. promotes a professional work environment